Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who Impacts Who?

Rensselear Polytechnic Institute has long been associated with Troy and vice versa. However, does RPI define Troy or does Troy define RPI? Often times it seems that even though both depend on each other, those associated with the two different groups separate themselves by placing value on their own background and means of work. However, because of this, does RPI denigrate Troy? Do those of the RPI community look "down" on those who live unaffiliated with the school? Additionally, if this is true, is there a way to integrate Troy's culture with that of RPI? Would such an act even make a difference? Would it be accepted? Would it be noticed?

Uncle Sam has always been a huge influence on Troy's history and outlook. His legend defines Troy in many ways. However, if his influence was to be integrated with RPI, would it help answer the questions stated above? As a reaction to such, this project looks at the impact that a symbolized version of Uncle Sam, in a populated RPI gathering space, would have on the RPI community. Thus, it ventures into a realm that tries to make those think of the relationship between Troy and RPI. This will hopefully represent an integration of the two and help people realize that one could not be without the other!

Uncle Sam's Memorial Statue, Downtown Troy

The same statue (Photoshop edit) envisioned at the RPI Dry Fountain

Far View: Mock paper statue of Uncle Sam at the Dry Fountain

Close-Up: Mock Uncle Sam paper statue